“Beauty is a harmony of function and form”
~ Alvar Aalto

Qkwadrat – founded in 2020 by Tomek Kumiszcza, is a design studio where the essence of interior design is an excellent layout of functions, carefully selected materials, and close cooperation with the client. We emphasize the functionality of space! Designing room layouts that are not only aesthetic but also perfectly meet the inhabitants’ needs. The materials we use are carefully selected for durability, quality, and aesthetics, creating harmony in every project.

For us, working with a client is not just a design stage; it’s a fascinating journey where we jointly shape the interior of dreams. We create not just spaces but stories, told through every detail. We believe that each interior should be unique, like every client we work with.

Qkwadrat specializes in designing modern and functional interiors, including both residential and commercial spaces. Our studio focuses on working with clients seeking personalized and original solutions, creating unique interiors tailored to individual needs and lifestyles.