113_QK_STEGNY 100 m2 | WARSAW Investment apartments, designed for full-service rental, meet the functions of a universal and yet interesting design in sanitary spaces. Back to portfolio


111_QK_111_QK_SAUNARIUM IN THE PALACE 100 m2 | ROZALIN A unique project that combines a relaxation zone with an open, multifunctional hall. Large windows bring the forest surroundings into the interior – the guiding motif was the harmony of nature intertwined with the characteristic elements of the Rozalin Palace. Back to portfolio


118_QK_PRAGA WITH A VIEW OF THE VISTULA RIVER 100 m2 | WARSAW Design brief: A space for people working from home with separate office zones that smoothly changes into home space. A bedroom with an open bathroom creating a comfortable oasis with a wonderful view of the Vistula River. Back to portfolio


119_QK_HOUSE WITH A SHORELINE 280 m2 | Masuria House design from scratch in cooperation with an architectural office from Dubai – VertigoDesign. Design brief: holiday house – year-round, reflecting the Masurian style with a combination of modernity. A recreational haven for the whole family, friends and their accompanying animals. Interior design – coming soon… Back […]


117_QK_PRAGA PRAGA WITH A VIEW 68 m2 | WARSAW Apartment on the top floor with a panoramic view of the center of Warsaw. Natural, warm style with elements referring to the Prague district. Apartment for a single person. Back to portfolio


116_QK_HOUSE IN THE WOODS 130 m2 | KONSTANCIN Reconstruction and arrangement of the ground floor in a single-family house. Adaptation of the living, kitchen and sanitary areas ensuring comfort and natural communication between functions. Back to portfolio


106_QK_BIELAWA 85 m2 | BIELAWA Every element of this space, from marble tiles to copper fixtures, has been designed with the creation of a luxurious sanctuary in mind. Gleaming, round mirrors reflect light, emphasizing the refined simplicity of lines and shapes. The unique character of the interior is accentuated by the wallpaper featuring a rich […]